Dialysis Technician Schools in California

A particularly rewarding career is helping those with kidney disease, providing quality dialysis care so they can live a normal and productive life. A Hemodialysis Technician offers just that to his or her patients, quality care, expert technical support and the chance for patients to continue to pursue their dreams. Learning this career in California is your opportunity to find a fulfilling career in a Hemodialysis center, healthcare facility or hospital.

Hemodialysis is the process of removing a patient’s blood through a dialysis machine, filtering out the toxins, excess water and minerals. The dialysis machine replaces the functions of the kidneys. This treatment is diagnosed for patients whose kidneys no longer function as they should.

There are a number of educational institutions in California that offer Hemodialysis training programs.

American Dialysis College

The American Dialysis College, with campuses in Pasadena, Glendale and Mission Hills, offers training in hemodialysis patient care and has done so since 1966. It is a practicum-based program, designed to provide excellence in education for this fast-growing field. You will learn skills required of caregivers in a dialysis facility, with hands-on training for registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and patient care technicians.

The course lasts 12 to 16 weeks and includes hemodialysis nursing, the principles of dialysis and blood and uremia monograph interpretation.

Nemrac Infusion Technology, Inc.

Although Nemrac Infusion Technology, Inc. is located physically in New York, the Hemodialysis training is also offered in San Francisco and Carson, California. This school provides a very short course to completion, taking only 7 days. However, the program is intensive. You get hands-on training with dialysis machines and other devices you need to know, as well as learn the basics of dialysis care. Classes for Biomedical Technicians are also available. Focusing on the roles of renal dietitian, registered nurse, renal social worker and patient care technician, you will be well trained to take on positions within dialysis facilities.

This is a partial list of what your training will focus on:

  • Hemodialysis procedure and techniques
  • Common causes of kidney disease
  • Anatomy of the kidney
  • Treatment options
  • Basic laboratory tests
  • Infection control
  • Nutritional needs

Medical Career College

In Fremont, California, the Medical Career College has a program where you can become a Certified Hemodialysis Technician, with theory and practical hands-on learning.  With 200 hours of clinical training, you’ll be able to administer heparin and sodium chloride solutions, necessary in the care of hemodialysis patients, as well as give local anesthetics.

The Hemodialysis Training School

The Hemodialysis Training School has two campuses, in Merced and Union City, California. Accepting payment plans for the program, it becomes quite affordable. They offer 80 hours of theory and 240 hours of clinical training. The program takes eleven weeks.

Dialysis Training Institute

Located in La Palma, California, the Dialysis Training Institute provides the education needed for entry-level jobs and careers for RNs and LVNs. Comprehensive training includes both theory and practical skills. Observing advanced procedures works to enhance the hands-on aspect of your education. You can also receive special outpatient training and external internships.

Dialysis Education Services

If you live in the Bellflower area, Dialysis Education Services has a six-month hemodialysis technician training program. First you have four months of in-class education then another two months of supervised instruction in a clinic in the Los Angeles area.

Dialysis 4 Career

This school offers fifty percent classroom and fifty percent clinical training for LPNs and registered nurses. For those in California, online instruction is the only option for the lecture section of the course, and clinical training is available only on their campus in a different state. You can also take advantage of internship opportunities. The program taken online offers you a 60-day time frame to complete the course, but you can move at your own speed.


DaVita is not a school, but does offer opportunities for training in the field of dialysis. While attending nursing school, for example, with their RN Scholarship program, you can work for DaVita while going to school and be reimbursed for tuition and books each year.

A Dialysis Technician will find numerous employment opportunities in the healthcare industry. With the number of people diagnosed with renal failure in the US increasing each year, you will find a fulfilling career in a dialysis clinic, hospital or nursing home. It is a career worth pursuing!

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