Dialysis Technician Schools in Illinois

When searching for a fulfilling career in healthcare, training as a Dialysis Technician can provide you with a future of rewarding accomplishments. Giving quality care to those patients in need of regular dialysis treatment is extremely satisfying. You see these people able to live relatively normal lives despite the threatening illness of renal failure. Dialysis treatment is necessary usually multiple times per week, in order to cleanse the blood of patients whose kidneys don’t function as they should. A dialysis machine is employed, replacing kidney function. Blood is removed from the person’s body about a pint at a time, then pumped through the machine where it is filtered, taking out the excess fluids and toxins and the blood is then returned to the patient’s body. A Dialysis (or Hemodialysis) Technician monitors the process, working closely with the nurses and doctors to ensure safe and effective treatment is occurring. If it weren’t for the process of dialysis, patients would not live long, so a technician is helping to save their lives with his or her expert care. Illinois offers a number of schools that will enable you to become certified rapidly and efficiently.

Sanford Brown

Sanford Brown has campuses in Skokie, Collinsville and Tinley Park, Illinois. Students study the key principles of dialysis including the function and anatomy of the kidney and the equipment used in dialysis treatment. Sanford Brown courses give you certification on dialysis technology, and prepare you for a career in the field. This school also offers certification in other related medical fields such as practical nursing.

Malcolm X College

Located in Chicago, Malcolm X College offers a dialysis program in the field of Nephrology. These courses in renal dialysis take about two years of study. Not simply a certification course, you will obtain an Associate in Applied Sciences degree.   Although this college program is longer than most, you will be receiving a much more comprehensive education in the area of dialysis and related matters.

Southland Health Careers

When you wish a faster route to certification, you can choose the Southland Health Careers Certification Program. Located in Chicago Heights, this course of study takes only 50 hours to complete. Students work under close supervision and learn to operate the dialysis machines, prepare dialysis fluids and learn the delivery processes. They also learn how to evaluate patient progress and are taught emergency measures. Additionally, students will train in treatment for at-home patients.

Dialysis 4 Career

If you prefer online training, Dialysis 4 Career has instruction ideal for those in Illinois. There is a 60-day time period in which to complete the course, but you can move at your own speed otherwise. The school will also provide assistance in locating the clinical instruction you will need to become fully certified.


DaVita, Inc. is a large Fortune 500 corporation that has dialysis clinics all across the nation, including many in Illinois. Although not a school, DaVita is known for its quality educational programs for employees. On a limited basis, they will accept applicants with no background in dialysis to train in the clinics while they are paid on the job. DaVita also provides opportunities to attend school while working, covering tuition and book costs for the year. Every year more and more people are diagnosed with renal failure and are put on dialysis. This is likely due to an increase in the diseases that result in kidney disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The demand for qualified Dialysis Technicians continues to rise, thus employment opportunities are abundant. When certified, it opens the door to a wide selection of jobs, in hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers around the country. Be prepared for an amazing journey in a satisfying career!

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