Dialysis Technician Schools in Pennsylvania

Dialysis Technicians are specialized medical technicians who care for those with chronic kidney failure. They are invaluable in providing top-notch services for patients who otherwise couldn’t live a normal life.

Dialysis removes the waste products from the blood of patients, cleansing it of all the impurities that build up because the kidneys can’t do their job. Dialysis machines are the equipment that accomplishes this function. Hemodialysis techs must learn not only how to take care of patient’s needs but also how to operate and maintain this equipment.

A career as a Dialysis Technician is rewarding. You can find opportunities for a fulfilling career in many different settings, from a small clinic to a large hospital. Below are schools in Pennsylvania that provide the needed training.

Star Career Academy

The Star Career Academy has campuses in both Philadelphia and Norristown. Their Dialysis Technician program gives a balance of theory and clinical training so you can get entry-level employment in the field of Nephrology. You’ll be able to apply for jobs in transplant centers, hospitals, dialysis clinics and many more healthcare agencies.

Interesting classes include subjects such as:

  • Introduction to Dialysis
  • Patient Care
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Fundamentals

You will learn how to handle all equipment related to dialysis, such as blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, dialysis machines and more.

According to a 2011 report, 88% of the graduates have found a job in a related field.

Sanford Brown

Sanford Brown has a campus in Pittsburgh, PA that provides students with full dialysis training. The Dialysis Training Program at this school prepares you to work under physicians and registered nurses providing quality care for dialysis patients.

Some of the subjects you’ll study are:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the kidney
  • Dialysis systems and equipment
  • Vascular access to circulation
  • Dietary regulation
  • Complications of renal failure

Sanford Brown’s career focused programs are one way to learn all the important parts of dialysis care and become a certified technician, able to work full-time in the field in a relatively short time.


You will find many DaVita dialysis centers throughout Pennsylvania, including a number of them in Philadelphia. DaVita is not a school in the true sense of the word, but provides learning opportunities for those that qualify. This Fortune 500 Company offers positions where you work while you learn, and get paid at the same time. They also have scholarship programs where an employee can go to school and be reimbursed for books and tuition.

The Manhattan Institute

If you wish, you can find a school in New York where you can train to work in dialysis facilities, hospitals and some nursing homes. Their campus in the Midtown Manhattan area is convenient to Eastern Pennsylvania residents. Manhattan Institute is a career school, focusing on the education you need to pursue your desired career. They state they can have you ready to take a job in 6 weeks.

The Dialysis Technician course covers many topics, including an introduction to Hemodialysis, renal anatomy, the pathology of renal failure, dialysis devices and infection control.

They accept out-of-state students and do not charge more tuition if you are not a New York resident. They will assist you in finding low-cost housing.

Dialysis 4 Career

If you wish to study online, you can do so with Dialysis 4 Career. They offer a 60-day time period in which to complete your studies, so within that time frame you can move at your own speed. The theoretical studies are accomplished online and then Dialysis 4 Career will assist you in finding hands-on clinical training near you.

Your potential in finding employment in the field of Hemodialysis is very positive. The demand seems to increase each year. Getting your training in Pennsylvania with one of the above schools assures you a spot in this growing career opportunity as a Dialysis Technician.

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