Dialysis Technician Schools in Tennessee

To begin studies for a career as a Dialysis Technician is usually quite exciting. You know you are on your way to a fulfilling future in caring for those who require dialysis treatment many times a week. They will come to depend on you for quality care.

Dialysis treatment allows those with renal disease to live a relatively normal life, despite this threatening illness. When a person has kidney failure, they need to have their blood cleaned of impurities at regular intervals. The dialysis machine accomplishes the cleaning of the blood quite thoroughly, pumping the blood through filters and then back into the patient’s body.

The Dialysis Technician provides the patients with emotional support, operates and cleans the dialysis equipment, monitors the patient’s vital statistics and checks alarms and monitors. He or she works under the supervision of a registered nurse. It is a whole team who ensure treatment is safe and effective.

Although there are no campus-based schools within the state of Tennessee, there are other options. The closest schools in Georgia may be a good fit. You can also do some of your studies online. Below is a list of schools.

Georgia Medical Institute

This school has a number of campuses in Georgia, including two in Atlanta, and one in Marietta, in Norcross and in Jonesboro. Georgia Medical Institute provides quality training and gives the clinical hands-on training in an effective simulated environment. Choose either the courses in general Patient Care Technician or do the specialized training in Hemodialysis.

Metro Medical Training Center

The Dialysis Technician training at Metro Medical Training Center in Smyrna, Georgia, offers an eight week course divided between class studies and clinical study. You have the convenience of evening classes being available. Entry-level employment will be open to you once done with your training.

This school also offers online courses for those who are too far from campus. In twelve weeks when you complete, you can take the exam to become certified.

Atlanta Technical College

The Atlanta Technical College is an accredited school which has quality Dialysis Technician training. They provide many learning opportunities for a number of fields and are a branch of the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education.

Everest Institute-Dekalb

In Decatur, Georgia, the Everest Institute – Dekalb prepares a student for a fulfilling career as a Renal or Dialysis Technician. This school states that they are committed to providing a quality education.

Dialysis 4 Career

Perhaps if you are not within driving distance of a school in Georgia, you can study online. With Dialysis 4 Career, you are given 60 days to complete your theory study. Within this time frame you are free to move along at your own speed. After your online classes, the school will help find where you can do your clinical hands-on training nearby.


One of the best options for training in Tennessee is DaVita, Inc. They have numerous dialysis centers throughout Tennessee, and provide training on the job. It is quite an awesome opportunity when you can get paid while you learn. However, you should be aware that the competition is quite high for positions at DaVita. Their training programs are well known for being top-notch in every respect. You may also be interested in the scholarships they offer. You can work while you go to school and they will reimburse you for books and tuition.

When you are trained as a Dialysis Technician, you have a rewarding future ahead of you. You can find many exceptional hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers where you can work full time and help those who need dialysis care.


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