Dialysis Technician Schools in Texas

Dialysis technicians have the opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers providing quality care for patients of all ages. A career in this field is a rewarding one. You are working closely with those whose kidneys aren’t functioning as they should.

Also known as Hemodialysis Technicians, these medical personnel are key in delivering life-saving dialysis to the patients who require ongoing treatment to be able to live normal lives. When a person’s kidneys have been damaged or have failed due to accident or illness, he or she needs regular care. They must attend a dialysis clinic a number of times a week for about four hours each visit. Dialysis machines are used to clean the patient’s blood and enable their bodies to thrive without toxins building up.

To learn this exciting career, you will find dialysis technology programs in a number of vocational schools around the state. Below are some of the major schools offering hemodialysis training in Texas.

Sanford Brown

With a campus in Houston, Sanford Brown provides students the chance to study the anatomy of the kidney, all the key principles of dialysis, dialysis systems and much more. These courses prepare you to work under the supervision of medical professionals.

Sanford Brown offers certification in dialysis technology and other medical fields, including practical nursing.

TCE – Texas Covenant Education

Located in Austin, Texas, TCE trains a student in dialysis technician technology so they perform optimally wherever they are working. Students will learn the procedures required in caring for hemodialysis patients as well as how to maintain the equipment. The student must be employed at a dialysis clinic when enrolled.

TCE’s goal is to have you succeed in meeting all requirements, both academic and clinical, and be able to provide expert and safe care to dialysis patients.

SBLC Dialysis and Education Center

Located in Houston, Texas, SBLC offers a four to five-month program for Hemodialysis training. With two parts to the training program, the student gets the maximum learning experience. The first part consists of extensive theory training, and the second is RLE or related learning experience.

Theory training is done online, where the student is given specific access to the theory curriculum. The related learning assignments coming after the theory section is complete can take up to eight weeks to finish.

Dialysis 4 Career

For students in Texas who are not within easy reach of onsite training, Dialysis 4 Career offers online instruction. Clinical training would be available at the Dialysis 4 Career campus in New York. However, you can intern with clinics within Texas. Dialysis 4 Career can help a student find the best solution.

Registered nurses and LPNs can take advantage of the fifty percent classroom instruction and fifty percent clinical training to become specialized in dialysis. All students have a 60-day period in which to complete the course online, but otherwise you can move at your own speed.


Although DaVita is not a school, this Fortune 500 Company is well known for its superior training opportunities in the field of dialysis. You can work with DaVita while you attend school and be reimbursed for books and tuition for the year. They also have programs where, if you qualify, you can work onsite while earning your Patient Care Technician certificate.

Kidney problems stem from a number of illnesses, particularly diabetes and high blood pressure. Increasing numbers of people are diagnosed each year with kidney failure. Thus the demand for qualified dialysis technicians also increases. With many employment opportunities for dialysis technicians in the healthcare industry throughout the United States, you are sure to find a fulfilling career as a Dialysis Technician in a hospital, clinic or dialysis center near you.

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