Dialysis Technician Schools in Washington

Dialysis treatment is an important procedure, done numerous times during the week with patients who have renal disease. They go into dialysis clinics or hospitals to receive the treatment and depend on trained nurses and Dialysis Technicians to administer quality care.

The work as a Dialysis Technician is intensive but extremely satisfying. When you choose this for a career, you know you are helping those who need the assistance urgently. They could not survive without this treatment, and with it, they can live relatively normal lives.

Patient Care Technicians or Hemodialysis Technicians monitor patients, clean and maintain the equipment and ensure the procedures go according to the instructions of the registered nurses and doctors.

To qualify for training as a Dialysis Technician, you will need a high school diploma or its equivalent – a GED. There are a number of community colleges and vocational schools as well as centers where you can receive your training. In Washington State you will find a few campus-based schools that provide general education as a Patient Care Technician. They are listed below.

Everest Colleges

Everest College has a few campus-based schools in Washington State that offer Patient Care Technician training, which would include skills needed to qualify as a Dialysis Technician. Although the studies are not geared specifically towards a Dialysis Technician, you would still be able to find work where you can learn further on the job.

  • Everest College Bremerton

Here men and women can learn skills needed for their desired career. The school also has career placement services that help you prepare for job interviews. Located close to the college are riding trails, parks and hiking paths for a pleasant time on your days off.

  • Everest College Everett

In Everett, Washington, this school has fast-track training, helping you achieve your dreams as fast as possible. Shopping and other amenities are nearby. Beautiful views of the nearby mountain ranges are a bonus.

  • Everest College Renton

Located in Renton, this campus offers a career-focused education, where you’ll learn all aspects of a Patient Care Technician, preparing you for your future job in the healthcare industry.

  • Everest College Seattle

Studying at the Seattle campus, a student will find plenty of opportunities to expand on their knowledge and increase their chances of being hired. Naturally, Seattle is a wonderful place to study, with parks and beaches close to the school, and plenty of convenient transportation.

  • Everest College Tacoma

Theory is only a small part of training at the Everest College in Tacoma. They believe in clinical hands-on training to round out your studies.

  • Everest College Vancouver

In Vancouver on the Everest College campus, you will learn the duties and functions of a Patient Care Technician and prepare for your lifelong career.

Edmonds Community College

Located in Lynnwood, Washington, this community college offers courses as a Patient Care Technician, with training to perform many clinical skills such as recording vital signs, blood collection and EKGs. Much of what you learn will directly relate to working in a dialysis clinic.


This Fortune 500 Company has many dialysis centers throughout Washington State, and although not a school, DaVita provides exceptional training as a Dialysis Technician. Learning while on the job has many benefits, the best being getting paid while you learn. You can find DaVita centers in many major cities.

Dialysis 4 Career

Studying online could be the fastest and most convenient way to get your education as a Dialysis Tech. Dialysis 4 Career has an online course that you can do right at your computer at home. You can move at your own speed, but must complete within 60 days of starting the program. The school will also assist in finding a clinic where you can get hands-on training when finished with the theory.

You will find a career as a Dialysis Technician is a very fulfilling one, with a lot of satisfaction from helping others overcome a dreaded disease. Giving quality care to these patients is important, and since so many are being diagnosed with kidney failure, quality technicians are in high demand. Get your education now and enter a great healthcare field.

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