Dialysis Technician Schools in Wisconsin

For a rewarding career, one as a Dialysis Technician really cannot be beat. This healthcare arena is one where a trained and competent technician in dialysis can help others who have been unlucky enough to be diagnosed with renal failure and/or kidney disease. The numbers of people with this ailment increase each year, and thus Dialysis Technicians are in high demand.

Someone with kidney failure no longer has use of their kidneys and must receive a specialized treatment to clean their blood of impurities – a function the kidneys used to perform. Dialysis, with the use of a dialysis machine, pumps the patient’s blood through filters outside of the body, cleansing it thoroughly and then pumping it back into the body. Patients go to clinics, hospitals or dialysis centers up to five days a week to have this procedure done, spending up to four hours each visit.

A Dialysis Technician must be there for the patient during the whole process. The technician is trained in operating the equipment, monitoring the patient, adjusting fluid levels and taking patient information and passing it on to the nurses in attendance. The Dialysis Tech needs to be a people-person as they work with many patients each day. They answer questions and ensure the patient is comfortable.

There are a number of schools in Wisconsin and nearby where you will find quality training to be a Dialysis Technician.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley Technical College has Renal/Dialysis Technician training available. They claim to have a progressive technical education for the improvement of lives of the attending students. When you are seeking a career in the health field and have good “people skills,” and are able to work on your feet for many hours, this training could be right for you. The program is certified by BONENT.

Some of the job responsibilities you would learn are:

• Basic maintenance of dialysis machines

• Maintaining a safe and clean environment

• Monitoring patients on dialysis

• Performing technical dialysis procedures

• Working with the registered nurse on duty

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Area Technical College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a two-year technical college offering training as a Dialysis Technician. The two-semester course offers a renal dialysis technician diploma and you will be then qualified to work in dialysis centers or clinics or hospitals. Students get sixteen weeks of clinical practice as well.

Sanford Brown

Sanford Brown has campuses in Skokie and Tinley Park, Illinois, near Chicago. These school campuses are not so far away that you can’t attend if living in some areas of Wisconsin. Sanford Brown is well-known for its high quality training in dialysis and preparing a student for a career in this vital field. Students study the function and anatomy of the kidney, the principles of dialysis and more.

Southland Health Careers

Located in Chicago Heights, Illinois, Southland Health Careers gives a fast route to certification as a Dialysis Technician. Students take fifty hours to learn how to operate dialysis machines, how to prepare for delivery of the procedure, taking patient information and emergency procedures. You can also learn how to care for and give treatment to patients at their home.

Dialysis 4 Career

Between Wisconsin and Illinois campuses, you may find one perfect for you, but sometimes it is just more convenient studying at home where you can adjust your schedule and move at your own speed. At Dialysis 4 Career, you will find online training extremely easy to accomplish, with 60 days to complete the series of courses. When you finish with the theoretical studies, Dialysis 4 Career will help you locate where to get the hands-on clinical experience you’ll need for certification.


DaVita has fifty dialysis centers throughout Wisconsin where you can find high quality on-the-job training. This Fortune 500 Company is not a school, but they are well known for their training in Dialysis Technology. Just a few of the many Wisconsin DaVita Dialysis Centers are in:

  • Milwaukee
  • Racine
  • Cedarburg
  • Wautoma
  • Stevens Point
  • Amery
  • Jamesville

The number of people who get diagnosed with kidney failure just seems to increase. Many of those with renal failure are those with diabetes, occurrence of which has also increased in recent years. Thus the need for quality dialysis care has also increased, making the demand for Dialysis Technicians high. You will be making a big difference in the lives of these patients, as they come to depend on their technician each visit. Patients come into a dialysis center up to five times a week for treatment, so get to know their caregiver well. This is a rewarding career and one where you are appreciated. Find out how you can become trained, get certified and start on your successful career today.

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