Dialysis Technician Training in Indiana

To be the best Dialysis Technician you can be requires thorough training. You want to provide quality care for those who suffer from kidney diseases. They depend on you to give them safe and effective dialysis treatment.

Those who require dialysis must go into dialysis clinics up to six times a week, at four hours a visit, to receive care. They are hooked up to a dialysis machine, their blood pumped from their body a pint at a time, the blood cleaned of impurities and then pumped back into their body through the tubular attachments to the equipment. It is the responsibility of the Hemodialysis Technician to ensure the treatment goes according to plan, be alert for anything not quite right and to monitor the patient carefully.

A career as a Dialysis Technician is a rewarding one. You will meet and bond with the patients you see each week. You will work under experienced registered nurses. When you like science and technology subjects, this career fits to a “T.” The main thing you’ll accomplish is being able to make a difference in the lives of others. This brings a wonderful satisfaction.

There is only one campus-based school in Indiana where you can receive training in hemodialysis, but there are other options. These are listed below.

Sanford Brown Institute

Sanford Brown, in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a campus-based diploma program in dialysis technology. To acquire the theory and practical knowledge needed to provide quality care to dialysis patients, this school is a good choice. They will ensure you get the hands-on training you need to become fully certified.

Studies in the dialysis technology program will teach:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the kidney
  • Principles of dialysis
  • Equipment used in dialysis
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Dietary regulation

And more!

Sanford Brown is known for preparing the student so he or she can work under medical professionals in any setting. You may qualify for scholarships, financial aid or student loans as well.

Dialysis 4 Career

Another option to get dialysis training is to do it online. This is a convenient way to learn, particularly when there is no campus near you. Dialysis 4 Career provides online dialysis training where you can learn the theory in a 60-day period. Of course, over these 60 days you can move at your own pace through your studies. After you finish, Dialysis 4 Career will assist you in finding the hands-on clinical experience you’ll need to get your certificate.


There is a long list of DaVita dialysis centers all through Indiana. DaVita is not a school, but this Fortune 500 Company is well known for its marvelous training. Their training programs are on-the-job training so you get paid while you learn. The competition for these positions is great, so you have to be persistent. It is best if you have a background in healthcare. You can call one of the centers near you to see what it takes to qualify for their on-the-job training. They also offer scholarships where they reimburse the employee for books and tuition when he or she is going to school part time.

When you have a complete education as a Dialysis Technician and really learn all aspects of care, you will be able to look forward to a long and fulfilling career helping those that need dialysis to lead normal lives. The opportunities are virtually never-ending.

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