Dialysis Technician Training in Missouri

Follow your dreams and discover a rewarding career as a Dialysis Technician. This job in the medical field provides much satisfaction as you help those with kidney problems lead a relatively normal life. Dialysis careers are in high demand as those diagnosed with kidney diseases increases. These patients need quality care and expert assistance

Dialysis Technicians (Hemodialysis Techs or Patient Care Technicians) work in clinics, hospitals and dialysis centers giving important care to dialysis patients. These technicians are required to have good people skills, be able to efficiently operate the dialysis equipment and monitor patient progress.

The dialysis procedure is simple, but technically demanding. The dialysis machine acts as the patient’s kidney, cleansing the blood of the wastes that accumulate. Blood is removed from the body a little at a time, cleaned through filters and then pumped back into the body. The technician ensures all is done effectively and makes sure the patient is comfortable.

Training in dialysis consists of learning about the equipment, how to clean it, patient care, fluids, and more. The technician must be able to set up the machines, take patient information, operate the equipment and do full reports to the supervising nurses and physicians.

Dialysis Technician schools with campus-based programs are not readily available in Missouri, but crossing a state line can solve this problem. The schools in Illinois can provide your training easily and competently. There are also online schools if you are not able to travel.

Sanford Brown

Sanford Brown has a campus in Collinsville, Illinois, which is right outside of St. Louis, Missouri. This is the closest school with a Dialysis Technician program. There are also campuses in Skokie and Tinley Park, Illinois, closer to Chicago. At Sanford Brown, students study key principles of dialysis and gain a certificate in dialysis technology. You will learn the function and anatomy of the kidney as well as the equipment used in dialysis. You will be well prepared for a career in the field once you graduate.

Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College is in Chicago and has a dialysis study program in Nephrology. The courses take the student two years of study and you will have an Associate in Applied Sciences degree when you finish. You get a more thorough education with this program, learning dialysis and related studies.

Southland Health Careers

In Chicago Heights you’ll find Southland Health Careers, which provides a fast route to getting a certificate in dialysis training. For a 50-hour course, it is quite effective. The student learns how to operate the dialysis machines, deliver the procedure and prepare fluids properly. You can also learn here how to train to deliver treatment within a patient’s home environment.

Dialysis 4 Career

When a student is not able to leave the state of Missouri, but still wishes to pursue a career as a Dialysis Technician, online training is available with Dialysis 4 Career. Allowing sixty days to complete the series of course, this type of training gives you the opportunity to not only train in the comfort of your home, but you can also set your own schedule. Once done with the theory, Dialysis 4 Career will help you find clinical hands-on instruction close to you. When you are not able to attend a campus program, you’ll find online training will permit you to enter one of the fastest growing careers around in the healthcare arena.


DaVita offers on-the-job training for those who qualify. DaVita is not a school but a Fortune 500 Company who provides dialysis treatment in cities around the country. They are well-known for their high quality training in dialysis. This is truly a hands-on experience. The competition for positions is high, but don’t give up. You can quickly earn your certification just by following DaVita training requirements.

There are sixty-seven DaVita dialysis centers in Missouri – some of these are located in:

  • St. Louis (many centers)
  • Lees Summit
  • Kansas City
  • Farmington
  • Hannibal
  • Fenton
  • Florrissant
  • Columbia
  • Marshall
  • And more

Today more and more people are diagnosed with kidney disease, many coming from the increase of diabetes in the population. These patients need dialysis on a regular basis, often numerous times in a one-week period. They must have qualified Dialysis Technicians to deliver the dialysis procedure. These technicians must be someone competent and efficient in the field, people who can answer questions, monitor progress effectively and operate the necessary equipment.

A career as a Dialysis Technician is a rewarding and fulfilling one. You can work in any one of a number of different settings, helping kidney patients live a normal life. It also opens the door for more advanced training and further career opportunities. Become a Dialysis Technician so you can have a successful future.

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