Dialysis Technician Training in North Carolina

The joy of helping those who need specialized healthcare knows no bounds. Being able to provide safe and high-quality care to those who come to receive dialysis treatment is fulfilling. A Dialysis Technician experiences this pleasure each day. Patients come to rely on him or her for the care they need.

Dialysis is a procedure which is required for those with failing kidneys. A dialysis machine performs the functions the kidneys no longer can, removing blood from the person’s body, cleaning it thoroughly, and then pumping it back into the body.

A career as a Dialysis Technician offers so many opportunities for a rewarding future in the healthcare field. Hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers across the country are searching for qualified people to fill key positions.

If you love the subjects of science and technology, love helping people with debilitating illnesses, and enjoy working with others in healthcare, this could be just the job for you.

In North Carolina, there are a few schools providing an education in this field and enable you to become certified.

McDowell Technical Community College

Located in Marion, North Carolina, the McDowell Technical Community College is dedicated to make high quality educational opportunities available for North Carolina students. Their professional technical programs help those looking for a specialized career. Along with the Dialysis Technician course they offer, they also have qualified staff and faculty to facilitate your educational choices.

Wilson Community College

When you wish to enter into a skilled occupation, the campus of Wilson Community College in Wilson, NC offers diploma programs to train you. Their certificate programs consist of twelve to thirty-four semester credit hours, with a series of specialized courses. Usually your training can be completed within one to four semesters. You can choose this school for your dialysis training to rapidly prepare to enter this fulfilling field of health care.

Johnston Community College

In Smithfield, North Carolina, the Johnston Community College has a skill training course for a Dialysis Technician. You receive theory, technical and clinical skills which you will need to provide quality patient care. You will also learn how to maintain dialysis equipment for patients with chronic renal diseases. After then achieving one year of work experience, you can take the CHT exam to become certified.

When you apply, costs will include books, a badge, uniforms and a stethoscope as well as fees for a criminal background check and drug screening.

Dialysis 4 Career

Another option for your Dialysis Technician training is to train online. This can be quite convenient, particularly if there is no physical campus close to your location. With Dialysis 4 Career, you get 60 days to complete your theory training, but within that time frame, you can move along at your own speed. After theory, Dialysis 4 Career will assist you in finding clinical hands-on training near you.


DaVita, Inc. is a Fortune 500 Company that runs many dialysis centers throughout the United States, including clinics in North Carolina. They are well-known for their superior training programs. Working and getting paid while you train has many advantages. It is not necessarily easy to qualify as the standards are very high for applicants for DaVita training programs and scholarships. By persisting, however, you can do it and get trained as a Dialysis Technician and soon qualify for certification.

Today the demand is high for Dialysis Technicians as more and more people each year are diagnosed with renal failure. Clinics, hospitals, dialysis centers and other institutions are always searching for qualified employees. Get started now on your dialysis training and begin a new career in a rewarding field.

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