Dialysis Technician Training in Ohio

When searching for a fulfilling career in Ohio, and if your preference is in healthcare, you should look to the field of dialysis as a great career choice. Assisting those with renal failure to live a normal life has many rewards. A Dialysis Technician provides quality care and expert support to the patients requiring regular dialysis care.

Dialysis treatment literally saves the lives of those whose kidneys no longer function as they should. The patients receive treatments from two to six times a week at a dialysis center, at which time their blood is removed from their body a little at a time and cleansed of toxins and impurities. After it is thoroughly filtered, it is pumped back into the body.

Having a background in nursing or obtaining other healthcare experience first is always good to increase your chances of getting hired rapidly. The competition is high in this field, and the more advantages you have, the better.

Learning the necessary subjects related to dialysis, particularly getting educated on the equipment used, is simple once you find the right school. There are a number of schools you can obtain training and eventually get fully certified in Dialysis Technology. You can find the training you need at the following schools in Ohio.

Collins Career Center

Located in Chesapeake, Ohio, the Collins Career Center offers many courses in dialysis and related subjects, including Dialysis Theory and Dialysis Clinical courses so you can later easily become certified through a National or State Certification program. You can participate in clinical hands-on training outside of class as well.

This training runs from October to May each year and takes 610 hours to complete.

South University

Many students wishing to obtain a Dialysis Technician certification find first having a degree in Health Sciences increases their chances of getting hired at clinics and hospitals around the country and in Ohio. South University is located in Cleveland, providing students with a wonderful academic environment and personalized attention. Pursuing an associate or bachelor degree in Health Sciences here makes the pursuit of a career in dialysis smoother and easier.

Strayer University

Similar to programs offered by South University, Strayer University has courses that are beneficial to those looking for a career as a Dialysis Technician. There are campuses in a number of cities in Ohio. These are:

  • Columbus
  • Cincinnati
  • Akron
  • Mason
  • Fairborn
  • Fairview Park

When you obtain a Master of Health Services Administration, you will learn all about health services and administration. Although a management role within healthcare environments, this education opens the door to other opportunities for further training in the area of dialysis. You get theoretical and practical knowledge that puts you right at the heart of patient care.

Dialysis 4 Career

When you are having difficulty finding a school close to you in Ohio, Dialysis 4 Career offers online training, with a 60-day time period to complete. You can move at your own speed during this time and study in the comfort of your own home. You will get a theoretical study online and then the school will assist in finding where you can get hands-on clinical training in your area.


DaVita is a Fortune 500 Company, offering high quality training in Dialysis Technology while you get paid. DaVita is not a school, but is well known for the opportunities they offer for dialysis technician training to those who qualify. An example is their RN Scholarship program where students work for DaVita while going to school and getting reimbursed for books and tuition.

With so many employment opportunities for a Dialysis Technician in hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers around Ohio and throughout the United States, it is no wonder that many decide that this is the career they are going to pursue. As demand increases for these healthcare specialists, more and more are choosing this as a path to a satisfying and rewarding career.

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