Top Dialysis Technician Training Programs

A Dialysis Technician career is one that helps thousands of people each year to lead normal lives. These medical technicians work hard to care for those whose damaged or failing kidneys cannot perform the functions they should.

Getting Dialysis Education

Getting an education in this career is a simple matter. When someone has decided to pursue a career as a Hemodialysis Tech, they have two choices. They can go to a traditional school and get their certificate, or they can get hired on at one of the large companies that have established dialysis centers across the US, and get paid while they learn.

If an aspiring Dialysis Technician wishes to start their career in a hospital or clinic, they should find a college or medical school that provides training in order to finally qualify for the national test to become a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT). That certification will be a requirement to begin work at a hospital, clinic or kidney center.

Dialysis Center Training

When starting their education within a company that staffs dialysis centers, a student will find that they will usually make a commitment to stay with that company for an agreed amount of time once the training is complete. This may or may not affect their decision to get their training in this way.

With a number of health-oriented corporations establishing large numbers of dialysis centers all around the United States, with paid on-the-job-training, the number of schools offering dialysis training have dwindled, but they are out there. Sometimes to locate a school close to you, it’s best to call a nearby hospital to find out where their technicians did their training.

Get Dialysis Technician Training and Start Your Career

Following are the top five Dialysis Technician training programs in the US.

  • DaVita, Inc.

DaVita is the largest provider of kidney care in the country, a Fortune 500® company, with approximately 1,669 dialysis facilities throughout the US. Established in 1999, DaVita has above national averages when it comes to clinical outcomes.

An employee hired on with DaVita to become a Dialysis Technician will get paid while they learn. To qualify to start, all a student needs is a high-school diploma. After 400 hours of paid training the employee can take the national test to get a license as a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician.

  • Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care has many types of dialysis care including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis as well as education tools. There are in-center services and at home services or treatment in a hospital. They focus on superior customer service, patient-centered care and clinical leadership.

To qualify for a job with Fresenius and get on-the-job training for a Dialysis Technician, a person must either have state and/or national certification or a high school diploma. They also prefer an applicant to have patient care experience within a hospital or similar facility.

  • Anderson Medical Career College

Anderson Medical Career College in North Hollywood, California, offers Certified Hemodialysis Technician training. Their goal is to provide the best, yet affordable hands-on training program possible.

For a Certified Hemodialysis Technician (C.H.T.), the following training is vital:

    • Efficiently operating the dialysis machines
    • Monitoring patients during the procedure
    • Perform necessary procedures before, during and after treatment

These processes are well learned and a student can earn their certificate in as little as 20 weeks. Theory and clinical components to training are included, as well as an externship in a real-world clinical setting.

  • Everest College

Everest College has campuses throughout the United States. You will also find them under the names Everest University and Everest Institute. The colleges are located in southern and northern California, Minnesota, Ohio, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

At Everest, a student will find flexible class schedules and hands-on training with professional instructors. Not all campuses have the Dialysis Technician program, so an applicant will need to call the campus close to them to ensure it is provided there.

  • Sanford-Brown

Sanford-Brown, with campuses in 10+ states, offers short-term training and hands-on programs to speed you along on your way to pursue career opportunities.

Their minimum eligibility requirements include that the student must live in close proximity the campus, and must be graduated from high school by 2011. Someone applying for Dialysis Technician training must have an interest in working in the medical field and helping patients with treatment for kidney failure. The official program name is Certificate in Dialysis Technology. Students will learn laboratory procedures, diet and nutrition, technical skills and much more. They will also complete an externship where they can gain experience in a professional setting.

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